Jennifer Lee Corfield

Lichen Bowl by Jennifer Lee Corfield Selection of Rock Pools by Jennifer Lee Corfield

Unique, handmade


Discover the beauty and style of Jennifer Lee Corfield's ceramics. Her work is inspired by the textures that surround us all. She seeks the perfection in imperfection, this imbues her work with a harmonious balance of spontaneity and elegance.


If you appreciate ceramics you’ll be sure to find a piece that charms your senses. From the Rock Pools that capture a sense of the oceans, the Lichen Bowls that replicate the lichen and rough bark of the forests, to the Textured vessels that are barrel fired.

Barrel fired texture bowl by Jennifer Lee Corfield

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Discover the complete range of Jennifer's designs, from the organic Lichen range to the watery Rock Pools, and the barrel fired, textured vessels.

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Read about Jennifer's inspiration and her techniques. Or follow her on social media and read her blog to find out more about her journey.

Seeking the perfection in imperfection.

Jennifer Lee Corfield

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